Laguna Farm: Exclusively Using Our Organic Fertilizer

Last month, we brought our guest to a farm in Laguna (southern Luzon, Philippines) for him to see how effective our organic liquid Bio Fertilizer, Bionim Pest Controller and BioProtein Animal drink. 

It was quite a long trip from Manila.  But all worth it.  The Farm was a haven for nature living and self-sustaining farm life. 

Expectedly, as much as we really love the place, our guest was delighted and caught by the sheer relaxing mood of the Farm.  He was surprised that even WITHOUT use of ANY supplementary SYNTHETIC or non-organic chemicals, the vast plantation of varied plants and vegetation would bring about a bountiful and very healthy harvest. The Farm exclusively use our organic products (fertilizer, pest controller and protein drink concentrate).

The farm includes: lettuce, herbs, corn, rice, “amargoso” or “ampalaya” (bitter gourd, bitter melon: sfc name: momordica charantia), papaya, bell pepper, chili, and many others. It was indeed a self-sustaining 100% organic farm.  Lunch served was from the produce of the farm: Tilapia with tausi beans, grilled native chicken, chopsuey with quail egg and the sweet smelling organic rice (I could not help myself but kid that even with just “bagoong Balayan with fresh calamansi” and the rice, meal will be just perfect.  And guess what, the owner overheard and have the Bagoong Balayan (fish sauce from Balayan, Batangas) with calamansi served in an instant.)  

Apart from the vegetation were the usual and unusual backyard animals and fishery: Fly-free doves, quails, big native chicken, rabbits, goats, pigs, wild boars, fighting cocks, tilapia, koi etc. All these are growing very healthy and active.  The hands-on owner emphasized that he only feeds them with organic food (like vegetable and animal feed from rice hull) WITH our organic NaturesBio Protein mixed in their drinking water.  These diet made them grow healthy, and with less fat, especially, for the pigs.

So to speak, our Organic Bio Fertilizer and Bio Protein Drink concentrate for pets and animals are very effective and save the farm owner and the farm from unnecessary expenses for any use of NON-ORGANIC fertilizer and pesticides. Saves money, saves the environment.  

The owner swears that the long use of non-organic fertilizer and pesticide DESTROYS and KILLED all the microorganisms in the soil saturating the entire area with harmful chemicals.  It is the use of 100% ORGANIC  fertilizer and 100% organic pest controller that bring all the soil nutrients BACK for a bountiful , real healthy and cost-saving harvest.  


3 Responses to “Laguna Farm: Exclusively Using Our Organic Fertilizer”

  1. nelson de leon Says:

    visit po kami dyan these coming October para po ma interview po kayo about organic farming nyo po kami po ang student of BULACAN AGRICULTURAL STATE COLLEGE..THANK`S PO GOD BLESS…

  2. john ronquillo Says:

    hi. it’s a very nice farm. i would like to have a visit. where is this located in laguna? thank you. looking forward.

    • zahlreich Says:

      It’s the “Costales Farm” along the main road in Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna (waypoint: 14°6’14″N 121°30’49″E at Google Map or click At the foot of Mt.Banahaw and 5 minutes away from the Imelda Falls.

      From Los Banos, Laguna, take the road leading to Lucban, Quezon Province (south) via “Calauan, Laguna” (NOT Via San Pablo City which is the usual route to Lucena City and Lucban). It would take around two hours from Los Banos.

      The road has zigzag areas. One major bridge going there was damaged by the typhoon (years ago) though and still not completely repaired, vehicles have to take the downhill (20ft+?) ground level on a temporary (elevated soil and stone) road. Heavy rains could make it difficult and risky. Otherwise, the trip is fine.

      The place is cool and so relaxing. Reenergizing, as i would say. Mr. Costales is warm and very accomodating. Send my regards to him should you reach the place.

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