"NBO Fertilizer: 20 Liters (pail), 1Liter, 250ML). Multicrop Fertilizer; Complete Plant Food & Development Stimulant; Soil Conditioner and Microorganism Activator. (liquid Concentrate). "

The Only Organic Fertilizer with Natures Beneficial Microorganism, Insecticidal, Fungicidal and Bactericidal Properties!

The Synergistic Results


NaturesBio Organic is a perfect combination of Natural NPK (nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)), more than 60 micro nutrients plus Amino Acid essential for plants derived from a 100% natural fermentation of Fish, Kelp and Guano Extracts through Natures Beneficial Microorganism.   It is processed under rigid quality control to retain natures viable nutrients.   It also contains Plant Growth Hormones (Auxins, Cytokinins and Giberillins) plus Alginates and Carageenan from tropical seaweeds and other rich sea minerals important to plant growth and development.


NaturesBio Organic stimulates the natural development and growth of plants by increasing the chlorophyll production level.   Natures Bio Organic acts as the plants catalyst in utilizing more effectively the sun’s energy, hence promoting stronger and healthier plant growth.


Feeding the plants without concern for the soil is like building a house on the sand.   Soil is very important; it is one of the essential food source of plants.   Artificial fertilizers offer short term impressive results but do so in the expense of the long term health of the soil.   NaturesBio reactivates the good microorganism in the soil and gives improvements on the ecosystem of the plants.   It creates an extended root system giving plants greater access to nutrients and water in the soil hence, giving long term health benefits for the plants.


NaturesBio Organic stimulates the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms.   This is the pesticidal property of seaweeds and guano which make plants resistant from stress brought about by pests and diseases.


  • Easy to Spray – Chelated – Sticker!
  • No Burning – No Overdose – Non Toxic!
  • Speed Up Germination and Growth!
  • Fast Absorption – Increases Yield – Increases Quality!
  • Systematic Acquired Resistance to Pests – Cuts Disease!
  • Cuts Plant Damage by Wind & Rain – Helps Protect From Low Rainfall!
  • Regenerates & Detoxifies Your Soil – Restores Soil Fertility!
  • Saves You Money, Saves Your Land!

NaturesBio Organic Premium Ingredients

Natures Beneficial Microorganism

  • Increase Nitrogen Fixation
  • Increase Mineralization
  • Increase Humus Formation
  • Enhance Breakdown of Organic Matter
  • Disease Suppression and Decomposition
  • Kills Harmful Bacteria such as Nematode
  • Microbial Inoculants
  • All Beneficial Bacteria, Fungi & Actinomycetes
Fresh Fish Extract in NaturesBio

  • A Tremendous Source of Nutrition
  • Contains A Substantial Amount of Proteins
  • Balanced Nitrogen Provision
  • Full Spectrum Fertility
  • All 18 Nutrients Necessary For Plant Growth
  • All Beneficial Bacteria, Fungi & Actinomycetes
Tropical Kelp in NaturesBio

  • Loaded with Beneficial Micronutrients
  • Contains Plant Growth Compounds
  • Reduces Nutrient Leaching
  • Increases Water Retention
  • Improves Soil Fertility
  • Speeds Up Germination
  • Increases % Success of Germination
  • Speeds Up Growth
  • Protects Plants From Stress, Wind & Rain
  • Permits Roots To Access Low Water Levels
  • Helps To Protect Plants In Times of Low Rainfall
Bat Guano In NaturesBio

  • Source of Essential Nitrogen
  • Essential Phosphates, Potassium & Sulfates
  • Anti-Pest
  • Assists in Soil Regeneration
Raw Molasses in NaturesBio

  • Quick Source of Energy For Microbes
  • Significant Source of Potash & Sulfur
  • Ability to Work as a Chelating Agent
  • Converter Of  Natural Nutrients
  • Natural & Organic Source of Micronutrients
  • Supplies Nutrients to the Soil & the Plants through Roots System

Through Bureau of Soil and Water Management Laboratory Analysis
FPA Product Registration:   1 1LP – 2343

Macro Nutrients Micro Nutrients
Nitrogen (N) 0.72% Manganese (Mn) Trace
Phosphorus P205 0.42% Iron (Fe) 50.46% ppm
Potassium (K2O) 5.31% Copper (Cu) Trace
Magnesium (Mg) 0.16% Zinc (Zn) 9.53 ppm
Calcium (Ca) 0.42% Sodium (Na+) 0.12%



Seedbed Preparation:             60 to 100ml /16 liters (Knapsack Sprayer) 

  • Prepare seedbed with soil mix (soil, animal manure, crop residues).    
  • Sprinkle with NaturesBio dilution.

Seed Soaking / Treatment:       50ml / liter of water

  • Soak seeds 12 hours with NaturesBio dilution before sowing.

Land Preparation:                    100ml / 16 liters (knapsack Sprayer)

  • Sprinkle / Spray the field during cultivation / flowing to prepare nutrients and to arrest some harmful bacteria

Maintenance:                          100ml / 16 liters (knapsack sprayer)

  • Sprinkle / spray the plants and soil with an interval of 7 to 10 days.
  • Apply during early morning or late afternoon.

 Shake well before using.  Keep NaturesBio in cool shaded place.

NOTE: Do not mix with chemical and chlorinated water. 

 Leafy & Fruity Vegetables:

  • After land preparation, mix 60 to 100ml NaturesBio to 16 liters of fresh water (Knapsack Sprayer).
  • Sprinkle/spray the plants and the soil until harvest.

Rice & Corn:

  • After preparing the rice field & the seedlings, mix 60 to 100ml NaturesBio to 16 liters of fresh water (Knapsack Sprayer).   
  • Spray the rice plants and the soil during early morning or late afternoon until harvest.

Fruit Trees:       

Nursery/Growing:   Mix 1 liter NaturesBio / drum of water.

  • Spray the leaves & branches at least every 15 to 30 days interval. 

Productive Trees:  Mix 1.5 liter NaturesBio /drum of water (200 liters)

  • Spray the leaves & trunks  every 10 days after the flower induction.
  • Effective for soil / root drenching (mix 1.5 liter NaturesBio, 2 bags of dried animal manure  with 1 drum of water  – soak thoroughly).


  • Mix 2 liters NaturesBio per 200 liters of water per hectare & apply to the seedlings / sucker 7 days after transplanting.  
  • Repeat application sprinkle /spray the sugarcane plants every 15 days up to 8 applications.




250 ml 48 bottles / carton
1 Liter 12 bottles / carton
20 Liter Pail 1



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